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Own the Tasting Room with Wine Wipes and Our “How to Drink Wine” Cheat Sheet

Yes, it’s true. Wine can be intimidating. You are about to gain fluency in a new language of words, gestures, and flavors. You’ll be a novice at first, no doubt about it, but with this cheat sheet, you’ll move through phase one gracefully. 1. Arm yourself with Wine Wipes.  This product, conveniently offered in a […]

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Have a bubbly new year! Sparkling wine alternatives to Champagne

The old year is winding down, and if you are hosting a New Year’s Even gathering, you’ll want a strategy for embracing that bubbly tradition. Champagne — whether the genuine article from the protected Champagne region in France or a tasty imitation from America where winemakers ignore European naming rules — is not the only […]

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Wine just in time: Wine ordered and delivered this holiday season

Spoiler alert: It turns out that not every wine can be shipped to every address. Something left over from prohibition! When that burden was lifted from the nation, some states kept their own protective restrictions. Most states treat your adult friends like adults, however, so breathe easy and feel free to explore the gifting potential […]

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Spicy Shiraz for Holidays

Shiraz: The Spicy Holiday trend Holiday’s are here and from wine to fashion, the trends are spirited and dark. We’re talking Shiraz, a big-flavored, full-bodied vino with the added health perk of being higher in antioxidants than other reds. The higher antioxidants give a shiraz a little peppery kick to spice up those crisp fireside evenings. Shriraz, […]