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Halloween Horror

There is nothing like a slasher flick to get you in the mood for Halloween! Horror movies provide a great excuse to cozy up to your cutie under a blanket, sip a good pinot, and munch on popcorn. Here are some of our favorite scary movies. Watch if you dare! Eyes Without A Face directed […]

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Festival Beauty Hacks

Coachella and Stagecoach may have passed, but there are still so many festivals coming up this summer and fall! Make sure you’re prepared with these tips and tricks.   Pearly Wipes: These are great for a one-and-done mouth refresher when you don’t have your toothbrush handy. Clean your teeth, lips and freshen your breath all with […]

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Travel Hacks for your Next Flight

  Summer is here! Time to hit the road…or as I prefer; the skies.  But lets face it, dealing with airports, TSA, and commercial flights is usually the antithesis to vacation.  Here are some tips to keep you sane while you fly: Check in early.  Set an alarm 24 hours before your flight to ensure […]

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A Day In Tuscany

Ahhh Summer, you’re here and we couldn’t be more excited to see you. Our favorite part about you? Vacation. A few years ago I spent 3 weeks traveling through Italy and Spain with a friend and I’ll never forget the love I felt for Tuscany. Now it may seem cliché, and that everyone goes here…but for […]

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The Best Firework Shows In The US

I love fireworks, who doesn’t? There are so many spectacular shows across the country. From tiny small town displays to massive shows in big cities, we’ve got you covered for this 4th of July.   San Francisco, CA Pier 39 in San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Warf hosts an annual fireworks show. Celebration at the Pier is […]

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Pura Vida Trip to Costa Rica

Last weekend, I returned from a 9 day trip in Costa Rica with my partner in crime, Brian. We started our trip in Tamarindo, traveled down the coast to Santa Teresa, then hopped on the ferry and journeyed up a 50 mile dirt road to Monteverde. Most of the trip consisted of the beach, surfing, […]

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Where to Eat: South Lake Tahoe

A few weekends ago Brian and I headed to South Lake Tahoe for our 2-year anniversary. Typically when you head to Tahoe mid-February (and post-snow storm) skiing or boarding is on your to-do list. However, like most of our trips, our main to-do item was finding great places to eat and drink. And since Saturday […]

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Sharing is the New Black

Seriously. It is. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, “share” means “to have or use something with others”. If you would have told me ten years ago that I would rent out a room in someone’s house, I probably wouldn’t believe you.  Now, here I am, booking myself a room in some stranger’s house in Costa […]