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Pura Vida Trip to Costa Rica

Last weekend, I returned from a 9 day trip in Costa Rica with my partner in crime, Brian. We started our trip in Tamarindo, traveled down the coast to Santa Teresa, then hopped on the ferry and journeyed up a 50 mile dirt road to Monteverde. Most of the trip consisted of the beach, surfing, […]

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Where to Eat: South Lake Tahoe

A few weekends ago Brian and I headed to South Lake Tahoe for our 2-year anniversary. Typically when you head to Tahoe mid-February (and post-snow storm) skiing or boarding is on your to-do list. However, like most of our trips, our main to-do item was finding great places to eat and drink. And since Saturday […]

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Sharing is the New Black

Seriously. It is. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, “share” means “to have or use something with others”. If you would have told me ten years ago that I would rent out a room in someone’s house, I probably wouldn’t believe you.  Now, here I am, booking myself a room in some stranger’s house in Costa […]

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#ThirstyGirl Adventure: Santa Barbara to Channel Islands in a Dingy

GEAR:  Domaine Terrebrune Rose, Knoll Gruner Veltliner, turkey sandwiches, speakers, iphone, wetsuits, extra gas tank,  towels, binoculars Dingy boat journeys are 100% dependent on good weather & calm seas, Sunday morning had both, making it a perfect time for the maiden voyage from Santa Barbara harbor to the Channel Islands. We gathered all the necessary […]

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Girl Power: Blogs to Follow

The blogging world is, well, time-consuming. I go through spurts where I decide I will become a dedicated blogger, writing and reading blogs daily…but that usually doesn’t last long. I find that some blogs just aren’t what they advertised, and some just have too many posts. In an effort to find some cool blogs that […]