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This Weekend

We plan to spend Saturday and Sunday… eating this Shaved Apple-Pomegranate Salad, drinking this fantastic Lo-Fi Cab Franc, reading up on how to arrange flowers, going to a BarreCardio class at the local studio, and listening to Bruno Mars (still reliving his amazing concert!). Cheers to the weekend Thirsty Girls! (photo of Amy Adams for […]

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Wine Wipes on Good Morning America: Better than At-Home Remedies!

This morning, Good Morning America found a group of taste testers at Bin 38 in San Francisco to try out Wine Wipes and see how they stack up to other at-home remedies, such as seltzer and crunchy vegetables. The final verdict: Wine Wipes did the best job at removing red wine stains from teeth—and getting […]

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Wine Wipes on “Beauty or Bullshit”?

Last week, Cosmopolitan’s Beauty Editor Carly Cardellino featured Wine Wipes on her segment, “Beauty or Bullshit”, where she decides if beauty products really work, or are just “bullshit”. We were happy to see that Cardellino chose “beauty”, because she felt that Wine Wipes really work! View the video below to watch her test them out after […]

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3… 2… 1… Happy New Year!

Your must-have for tonight? Besides champagne and sparkle… Wine Wipes by Borracha! The Beauty Department will have a clean kisser with the help of these dainty but mighty product on hand when the ball drops. Their wise words: “Planning on forgoing champagne and indulging in some serious red vino? The wine stained teeth and lips aren’t […]

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Got a fashion emergency?

Jill Martin, fashion expert and best-selling author, names Wine Wipes by Borracha as a must-have in case of a fashion emergency. Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford (both red wine drinkers and fellow Thirsty Girls) checked out the oenophile’s best friend as Jill shared that these power packed wipes keep teeth stain-free while protecting the […]

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60 Second Solutions

Liliana Vasquez, author of “The Cheap Chica’s Guide to Style” and beauty advisor at Birchbox, recently appeared on Fox Chicago to discuss 60-second solutions for all of the holiday parties you’ll be attending over the next few weeks. Her tip  – use Pearly Wipes to keep breathe clean and it doubles as a lipstick remover! […]