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Frose for those Endless Summer days…

Rosé always shines in the summer. Everywhere you go, rose is there. Its appears on restaurant menus, taking over liquor store shelves, and making appearances at happy hours across the country. What’s not to love? It’s pretty, it’s refreshing, and it’s delicious. And now rose has a cocktail twist … The internet has spoken, and frosé has been […]

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Building Your Wine Library

The true mark of a wine enthusiast is their book collection. Wine books are great because they appeal to casual coffee table page flippers, vino aficionados, and everyone in between.  I’ve put together a small collection of books that will get your library started. Read, sip, and enjoy! Which wine books do you like? Natural […]

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D is for Decanter

Sommeliers, wine drinkers, and enthusiasts have long debated the merits of decanting wine. Whether you are staunchly pro-decant, or firmly against it, it is never a bad idea to master a unique skill. Here is a quick guide to decanting, follow these steps and you’ll impress people on both sides of the argument. Why decant? […]

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Take a Seat, Take a Sip!

After a long day at work there is nothing better than kicking off your heels, pouring yourself a glass of vino, and sitting in front of the tube. We believe in choosing your wines like you choose your TV shows, so we’ve put together some pairings for you to try. Which shows are you enjoying Thirsty […]