Gifts For Wine Lovers

Have a wine lover in your life? Who am I kidding, we all do! I myself am the wino of my friends and let me tell you, I would gladly accept any of the gifts in this article. From face masks made with wine, to an adorable rosé beanie… and of course Wine Wipes! Thank you to Greatist for the shoutout.


March 31, 2017
By Jeff Cattel

“Few things hit the spot like a full-bodied red wine after a long day. (Look at us trying to sound like we don’t walk into the liquor store and say, “Your cheapest bottle, please.”) The not-so-fun part of drinking red wine? It stains your teeth. Unless, of course, you have Wine Wipes. They’re mini stain removers that come in a compact mirror so you can make sure your pearly whites are, well, pearly white wherever you are.”


Check out the full list below.

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