Meet Jennifer Young — Photographer and Blogger at I ART U and Jennifer Young Studio

Jennifer Young is a photographer and blogger here in San Luis Obispo. Lucky for her, (and us!) she often travels and captures stunning images of the places she visits. I’ve been a longtime reader of Jennifer’s blog I ART U, so I am very excitedย to feature her work here. Jennifer’s clean aesthetic and keen observational eye ย make even the simplest of scenes appear in breathtaking color and contrast. She shares with us some of her favorite travel shots.

1 New Zealand

1 New Zealand – Besides being drawn to the insane colors of the emerald lakes while hiking the Tongariro Alpine Crossing, this image is especially special to me because I took it with my first digital camera. I was new to the photography game and had no idea what was in store! One thing I know for sure, I didn’t have a clue as to how to use the camera! So I guess you can say I got lucky with this shot.

2 Barcelona

2 Barcelona – My heart aches for Barcelona! I visited for the first time last summer and fell in love with the city. The colors, the architecture, the culture, the people we met… I love this image because in it, the street is shining with a loud beauty, but it also captures a more quiet and rich part of Barcelona that can be experienced in between the constant busyness and bustle of the city.

3 Laguna Beach

3 Laguna Beach – I’m a big fan of white space and movement and I think this photo communicates both very well. I love the image so much that I blew it up (very large) and hung it on my wall! It almost looks like a painting.


4 Sweden – It appears that I’m drawn to quiet moments in busy cities! This image stirs up curiosity for me. Who is this woman? Where is she going, and what is her story? I find the unknown is beautiful when your imagination is allowed to run free.

Be sure to bookmark I ART U to live vicariously through Jennifer and her adorable dog on all their adventures. Better yet, consider booking Jennifer to photograph your next portrait or event! There are tons of great photos to “double-tap” on her Instagram as well @iartu_jennifer.ย Thanks so much Jennifer!

by Meagan Gonzaga

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