Our Story

In 2006, faced with the decision to either switch to Chardonnay or develop a remedy to remove red wine stains from her teeth, Kimberly Walker, Founder of The Vanity Project, crafted an all natural recipe to remove red wine stains from teeth while protecting the enamel from acids in wine. She enlisted the help of a world-renowned laboratory to turn the recipe into a first-of-its-kind formula, and in 2008, Wine Wipes were born.

Following the success of Wine Wipes, Pearly Wipes were crafted to remedy every day stains caused from coffee, tea, smoking and other stains while freshening breath.

The Vanity Project continues to create beauty hacks for busy lives.

*Our products are made in the USA.
*Our formulas are created in our FDA, EPA, and CDC approved laboratories.
*We use only the finest quality ingredients and create in small batches



What People are Saying

Dr. Oz
“To prevent the acid in wine from ruining teeth, I like Wine Wipes. They are nice and gentle, super easy to use, and made with natural ingredients.”
Dr. Oz The Dr. Oz Show

Real Simple Magazine
“Love the vino but hate the purple tint on your lips and teeth? These cloths use all-natural hydrogen peroxide & baking soda to erase stains in seconds, & the mirrored lid lets you touch up discreetly.”
Real Simple Magazine

Jane Larkworthy
After a hearty sip of jo, just swipe one over your ivories to avoid any potential yellowing.
Jane Larkworthy W Magazine