Spicy Shiraz for Holidays

Shiraz: The Spicy Holiday trend
Holiday’s are here and from wine to fashion, the trends are spirited and dark. We’re talking Shiraz, a big-flavored, full-bodied vino with the added health perk of being higher in antioxidants than other reds. The higher antioxidants give a shiraz a little peppery kick to spice up those crisp fireside evenings.

Shriraz, or syrah, is the effortless red wine, she’s the girl at the party who walks in late wearing loose waves and tailored jeans paired with those fall collection Prabal Gurung stilettos we’ve been drooling over since the Fashion Week runway show. Shiraz can add a subtle bite to the relaxed barbecue, pairing gorgeously with smoked flavors and grilled vegetables, and can just as easily blend into a fine dining experience alongside a robust cheese plate or special occasion lamb.

It may be full-bodied but the purse strings on this red can be pulled nice and tight without compromising quality. Why? Shiraz comes to you from South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Spain, Washington State, and California, to name a few. This dark-skinned grape is more forgiving in its nature than a Pinot Noir, and grows well for both the warm and cool climate cultivators who offer up fine blends to all the hottest wine-lists and up-to-date sommeliers.

Enjoy a glass of it – guilt-free with those added antioxidant heart benefits – and show off that holiday flare while doing it, just as casual or daring as you please.

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