Wine Wipes to the Rescue

Happy holidays! It’s the time of year when you’ll be in a lot of photos, and we don’t just mean selfies. With any luck, some lovely red wines are coming your way, too. What happens when that luscious Cab Franc has stained your lips, tongue and teeth just when your supervisor pulls the team together for an informal group portrait at the company party?

Take a deep breath, put your glass down, and insist on a moment to tidy up. Say anything. “Give me ninety-six seconds to fix my hair,” you might smile, and make a bee-line for some privacy.

Sure, run a comb along the shining hair that frames your face, but even more important and less time-consuming, wipe that smile right onto your face. You heard us! Wine Wipes get the pink tones from the fruit of the vine off your pearly whites and put your smile back in business instantaneously.

Wine Wipes are a product that may seem too good to be true at first. If you think of a little packet with an emergency wipe you can tuck in your purse, you are perhaps thinking of a stinky chemical stain remover, or even nail polish remover, one of the most odoriferous chemicals you could be carrying around town.

Happily, a Wine Wipe has only natural food grade ingredients to wipe the red wine stain away. We work only with the finest quality ingredients, here in the USA. Our attractive packets contain wipes created in small batches in our FDA, EPA, and CDC approved facility, for your food, environmental and disease control protection.

Our Wine Wipes are not only the perfect item to toss into your nice little purse for that special event, they also make a wise little stocking-stuffer gift for your girlfriend or sister, along with a nice bottle of your favorite red, for her holiday entertaining pleasure.  Cheers

by Kimberly

The Vanity Projects Proprietress. Wine Junkie. Beauty Hacker.

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